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Wrath of the Machine Raid - Hard Mode w/ Vosik Challenge [Destiny PS4]

$23.75 $110.00

*This listing is for a Destiny PS4 service. We will be playing your character. Stream available.

New Raid Gear and Weapons!

CHALLENGE MODE: Vosik - Includes extra raid loot (up to 400 light), the Vosik CM emblem, and the Vosik CM ornament.

Includes full Rise of Iron HARD MODE Wrath of the Machine Raid (400 light) - including all exotic chests and whichever SIVA cache key chests that would help your character the most.

Select the number of raids you need from the drop-down.

Raid Break-down:

  • Vosik; Opening the Door (2 chests)
  • Vosik; The Archpriest (2 chests | boss loot (legs/sidearm/sniper) | SIVA chest)
  • Death Jabroni & Meksis; The Siege Engine (1 chest | boss loot (chest/arms/MG) | SIVA chest)
  • Aksis; Phase One (boss loot (ghost/artifact))
  • Aksis; Phase Two (boss loot (helmet/class item/hand cannon/pulse | SIVA chest)

Wrath of the Machine Raid Weapons!

*Click here for the normal mode WoTM raid (385 light).

*We will try and max your guardian's light to ensure high light level drops.

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