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Destiny Age of Triumph Y3 Outbreak Prime FULL QUEST Feat 390LL Raid & Challenges [XB1]


*This listing is for a Destiny PS4 service. We will be playing your character. Stream available.

New Raid Weapons & Armor!

Includes full Age of Triumph Year 3 HEROIC MODE Wrath of the Machine Raid (390 light) - including all exotic chests and whichever SIVA cache key chests that would help your character the most.

Destiny Rise of Iron Wrath of the Machine Raid + Outbreak Prime Pulse! Finished with Heroic Mode & Featured Weekly Challenge (Vosik & Aksis)!

AND the 390 light level Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle.


  1. FULL Normal raid with all monitors; Outbreak Prime quest start; FULL Outbreak Prime Quest Completion (NF/Public Events/Raid)
  2. Cheaper option if you already have the Outbreak Prime quest (Channeling the Corruption Step 2).
  3. Same as Option 1 but also includes the Hard Mode difficulty and any weekly challenges.

Raid Break-down:

  • Vosik; Opening the Door (2 chests)
  • Vosik; The Archpriest (2 chests | boss loot (legs/fusion/shotty) | SIVA chest)
  • Meksis; The Siege Engine (1 chest | boss loot (chest/arms/rocket) | SIVA chest)
  • Aksis; Phase One (boss loot (ghost/artifact))
  • Aksis; Phase Two (boss loot (helmet/class item/scout/auto) | SIVA chest)

WoTM raid weapons!

*Click here for the hard mode WoTM raid (400 light).

*We will try and max your guardian's light to ensure high light level drops.

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